Weather in Chania

Enjoying a typical Mediterranean Climate, weather in Chania is idyllic, mild and pleasant all year long. Chania features approximately 300 days of sunshine per year and one of the healthiest climates in Europe.

Weather in Chania is temperate and the mild climate prevails in all parts of the Chania Prefecture, with some substantial rain and snow on mountainous areas during winter and warm but enjoyable summers. The morphology of the region affects Chania weather rather significantly: tall and imposing mountain ranges, quaint bays and fertile plains, a serene peninsula at the southern part and abundant sunlight: the weather in Chania is friendly and inviting all year long.

Spring Weather in Chania

Spring in Chania is mild and tender in spring, with sporadic and short rainfalls and nicely warm temperatures; the divine gift of sunshine and breezy weather allows people to start their vacation early in April, enjoying crystal clear and refreshing waters even during Easter Time. Blossoming nature, plains covered with wild flowers and lush greenery, fruitful trees and rich vegetation are the main characteristics during spring. Temperatures are usually somewhere between 15-20C although towards the end of May days might be slightly warmer, with pleasant evenings.

Summer Weather in Chania

Summer in Chania is hot and dry and can be quite arid. July is usually the hottest month of the year, with no rainfall, while August can be warm with sudden storms towards its end. Sometimes during summer months, Livas, “the hot wind” blows in the area, increasing temperatures and making the atmosphere suffocating, but the pristine beaches and the rejuvenating waters offer an oasis of refreshment to locals and visitors. Temperatures during day can reach 35C although, mostly in July, there are some heat strokes where temperature reaches 40C.  In southern coast of Chania temperatures are in general slightly higher, while on semi mountainous areas they are usually 2-5 degrees lower.

Autumn Weather in Chania

Weather in Autumn does not change dramatically, not before November. Pleasantly warm days with light rainfall and sporadic storms as we approach winter are the main characteristics of weather in Chania peninsula this time of the year. Water is still warm enough, 22-25degrees allowing visitors and locals to extend their vacation time and sea activities. Daily temperatures can be around 25 in September and over 20 in early October. Usually temperatures go down towards the end of October, reaching low 20s.  Some warm clothes will be needed especially during evening hours, although weather in Chania is absolutely ideal for outdoor activities and sports, as its healthy humid and warm.

Winter Weather in Chania

Winter in Chania is relatively mild; Chania weather is famous for lack of extremities, therefore winter is cold but not frosty, although you can see carpets of snow on higher elevations in late November and December. Snow is rarely observed in plains and cities, but rainfall can be quite often, more frequent than in Eastern parts of Crete.

Chania Weather in winter is still quite friendly and there are several locals who swim in the sea even during winter months, as sea temperatures are known to be quite warm for the season, reaching 17-18 degree, while outside temperature can be 12-14C. In southern coast of Chania sea temperatures are higher, and Chania weather is very friendly, therefore it comes as no surprise that winter swimming and vacationing in Chania Prefecture has gained in popularity.

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