Chania Airport  “Ioannis Daskalogiannis” is an International Airport located close to Souda Bay in Crete, serving the city of Chania.

The name “Ioannis Daskalogiannis” derives from a famous Cretan Rebel who fought against the Turks during the 18th century.

The airport of Chania, whose code is CHQ, is located 14km away from the city of Chania and receives hundreds of flights daily, both domestic and international, while during summer there are numerous charter flights landing to Chania from the UK, Germany and other Scandinavian Countries.

Civil and Military Airport

Chania Airport is the second busiest airport in Crete, serving approximately 2000 passengers per hour during summer months.

It was originally built in Maleme and was serving only domestic flights till 1959, when it was moved to Souda where the military airport used to be.

Today, Chania Airport is a joint military – civil airport and it has undergone several expansions and optimizations in order to be able to handle such an amount of flights and passengers, especially during high season.

Services in Chania Airport

Chania Airport covers a total area of 14,650sq meters and features six parking lots for aircrafts. The Airport boasts a comprehensive number of stores, bars and cafés, as well as Duty Free Shops and gift shops, for last minute shopping.

Visitors can also find local products and artifacts, as well as ATMs and currency exchange offices for their transactions. A fully equipped medical office is also found onsite, handling emergency cases and any problem with passengers and crews.

The International Airport in Chania features a 24/7 info desk and you can contact it for all possible information regarding flights at 28210 83800 – 83805.

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