Chania Port, also known as Souda Port, is located at the southern part of the Souda Bay, close to Chania Airport. The port of Souda has always been of extreme importance to the island of Crete, as it is strategically located at the Western part of Crete, on the sea route towards Gibraltar and Suez Canal, on the water path that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea. It is the second larger port in Crete, after Heraklion and it serves domestic and international ships, mostly from Egypt and Cyprus.

The Bay of Souda is known for its safety and shelter it offers to the ferries and cruise ships that anchor in its port, as weather conditions inside the port are very favorable. The port serves all kinds of ships: cargo, tourist ships and ferries. Souda Bay hosts also the Naval Yard of Souda and facilities of the American Navy.

Souda Ferry Port has a daily connection with Piraeus and other ports of Greek Islands, and serves a large number of cruise ships that sail the Aegean, bringing visitors and tourists to the Greek Islands.

Facilities in Souda Port

The port houses all needed facilities and offers all required services; small boats and sailing boats can also renew their water and oil supplies here, although entering the port during night hours is strictly prohibited. All activities in the bay are suspended until dawn, while weather and water conditions outside the port can be drastically and dramatically different than inside.

Small boats and charter yachts should also be aware that the Northern Part of Souda Bay is a restricted area, due to military bases.

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