Good maps to explore Chania with a hire car

Before you come to Crete, the best is to ask friends who already visited the island and to get some tips firsthand. But it’s not the best idea to count on that as your guide when you actually come to Crete. There is so much to see, to visit, to learn. And if you decide to go for a car hire in Chania, then you definitely need maps of the area and road maps. Crete has many hidden treasures and you can miss a lot of them if you relay only on random sightseeing (however, that leads sometimes to amazing discoveries!).

Free Chania Road Maps

With Chania Car Hire, when you hire a car from the company, you will get road maps for free and you can count on them with no problem. Maps are printed in both Greek and English so that you can gather information you need but still be able to read signs and names in Greek.

At the Chania car hire spots (airport, port, hotels) you can ask for a variety of maps, depending where you aim to go. And if you have particular questions that maps won’t answer for you, just ask Chania Car Hire personnel: they are there to serve you the best they can.

If you prefer to get familiar with a map, or a road map, before you even come to Crete (which is smart idea since it helps you navigate your hire car better on spot), there are many available options. Internet is definitely a place to start looking for some ideas. It’s hard to say that there is the best map ever about Chania and Western Crete. People look for different information and receive them differently.

Map of Western Crete

map-western-crete One of the good maps is Map of Western Crete, published by Road Edition, 2006.

The map printed in English has very useful details for drivers – accurate distances, street plans of Chania and Rethymno, even gas station locations. Many users of this map are happy with a very precise mapping of beaches.

Western Crete, Car Tours and Walks

western-crete-car-tours-walks Another good and very useful map is Western Crete: Car Tours and Walks, by Jonnie Godfrey and Elizabeth Karslake, authors of several Cretan maps.

This guide has 31 walking tours described into details but it also provides nicely explained eight car tours with a handy list of places where to take a break and why!

This guide map as the whole is actually a great helper for car hire tours and excursions: it combines driving information and hiking/picnicking/beaching/relaxing suggestions. In addition, there is a precious online update option for this guide.

Rough Guide Map Crete

rough-guide-map-crete The Rough Guide Map Crete, Rough Guides (produced by World Mapping Project), is one of the preferred maps of people who wear guides out travelling all over because of its paper/plastic made.

It’s clearly written with an abundance of details. It covers both West and East side of the island which is also very practical for tours with a hire car.

Western Crete (Maps of Crete)

western-crete-maps-crete Western Crete (Maps of Crete)Western Crete (Maps of Crete) map is also one of the good choices to learn more about Western Crete before you really visit it.

It’s informative and detailed although some people complain about rather poor paper.

Crete – Lonely Planet Regional Guides

crete-lonely-planet And there is also  Crete – Lonely Planet Regional Guides, by Victoria Kyriakopoulos, the guide that carries much more than just directions and basic driving information. History, food, customs, outdoors, have their own chapters.

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