Pleasant and safe driving in Crete with a hire car

If visiting Chania and Crete for the first time, you will probably need to keep a few tips and hints in mind if you want to enjoy pleasant and safe driving in Crete with a hire car. Driving in a place you don’t know is always challenging, but in Crete the locals make everything even more strenuous, since they tend to drive fast and a little bit carelessly.

Tips for safe driving in Crete

Tourists and visitors who come to Chania and Western Crete for the first time, should bring with them their portable GPS devices if they have at home, or ask for one from the car hire company in Chania. Crete features a large number of remote areas and villages and you should definitely visit them, ensuring that you won’t get lost and that you will be able to enjoy the picturesque and beautiful ride. Not all areas in Crete have detailed signs and the road map might not be that informative, especially if you are up to more adventurous and long distance rides. Whether you have a GPS or not with you, a good map of Crete is always helpful and you should have one with you just in case.

Start driving early to avoid the summer heat

If you want to enjoy a pleasant ride in Crete, make sure that you start your ride early in the morning, especially if visiting in July and August, which are by default the hottest months of the year. Although car hires have air condition, driving long hours under the sun is not the best experience you can have. Try to keep some cool refreshing drinks and bottles of water in the car and maybe a couple of snacks in case of a sudden craving.

Avoid the rush hours in Chania city

If driving in Chania or any other big city of Crete, you should be aware of rush hours; try to avoid them in order to be able to move faster and pleasantly in the city, or even better try to park your hire car somewhere and enjoy some leisurely strolls in the city streets: you will get to know the place better and you won’t have to deal with traffic jam or other annoying and frustrating driving happenings in the cities.

Other tips for safe and pleasant driving in Crete

driving a hire carThe Cretan nature is gorgeous and most drives are scenic and gorgeous; you can make the drive and ride even better though, playing some soothing music, or even better some Cretan music, to spice up the spirits and get to know this unique genre of Greek Music.

Crete is an island that features quite many gas stations, both on the highways and smaller towns and villages, but no one really wants to find himself in a position to look desperately for a gas station, especially during the evening. Make sure that you have enough fuel so that you don’t lose time looking for gas.

If you don’t feel safe or comfortable driving in remote areas at night, due to low lights and visibility, do not do so. Try to avoid areas where road conditions are not good, especially if your car is small and low, or if you don’t have enough visibility and good feeling of the road.

Since you have a hire car, you should avoid all difficult and dangerous situations; not only you will have to pay for the damages, but you will also ruin part of your vacation time and of course your mood.

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