Keep your children safe and happy in your hire car

children-in-car_7393935Keeping your children safe and happy in your hire car , when driving long distances abroad, can be a daunting task. Most children get easily bored in a car and cannot enjoy the ride or the views to new places, simply because they are not used to that yet. Having agitated passengers on board is not a good idea, and if we are referring to children the situation is usually even worse, and could be dangerous as well. Keeping both your car hire and children in control can be hard sometimes, unless you plan ahead.

– Since you know that the indisputable beauties of Crete and Chania prefecture will not touch your children much, study the road map and check possible places to stop. Children usually like having a plan, or a goal, so if you tell them that you will stop at particular spots and place where they can see something, buy a juice, ice cream or just stretch and run a little, you will make the trip much more enjoyable. Avoid driving for lengthy periods, preventing tiredness and agitation for everyone. If you stop at beachside resorts, try to make the stop somewhat enjoyable and make sure that every stop has some sort of fun aspect.

– Inform your kids about unusual sites of tourist interest and get them excited about seeing something new. Talk to them about the places you are visiting and if you are well informed try to incorporate some of the numerous Greek myths in your travel stories, so as to make them more gripping and intriguing for kids. In Chania and Crete there are hidden gems in every corner, and you can definitely attract your kids’ attention if you give them some fun and interesting pieces of information about them.

– If you think that nothing will really help, try to find some in the car entertainment. If you have a hire car in Crete you will probably need to come up with a few fun ideas, such as music or video games that your children can play while you are driving. You can also give them a photo camera and charge them with the photo shooting of the places you pass by; if your children are small, you will need to have with you some toys and other things they like, in order to keep them under control and as quiet and calm as possible.

– Portable game consoles are quite common nowadays and although you may think that the natural beauties of Crete might be more interesting than Super Mario, your kids might not share the same opinion; if they have a gaming console at home, bring it with you, because you might need it while driving long distances in Crete.

– Play games; there are some games you can play in the car with your kids. The “Spot the plates or car” game is quite common and can keep your children’s attention for some time. Mineral and Animal spy can also be played in Crete since the natural environment is rich and diverse.

In any case try to incorporate things your kids like; do not engage in any sort of argument with them while driving, because you will compromise your driving and focusing abilities and you will probably spoil everyone’s time. Use your imagination and invent ways to keep your children safe and happy in the car while driving along the Cretan villages and towns.

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