Cheap Car Hire in Chania

Car hire usually means more freedom and flexibility when vacationing. When coming to Crete, cheap car hire is definitely a must since it will allow you to comfortably visit many other attractions of the island and to hop to different beaches. Of course, you have to calculate a hire cost in your budget since nobody likes unexpected surprises. We are here to help you plan your vacation in advance and get the best possible service for your money, finding the best possible cheap car hire in Chania.

We are a leading and respected company with a long existence in Crete with an enviable choice of cheap car hires in Chania, at the Chania Airport or at Chania Port. The fleet is as diverse as customers’ needs are. In addition to quality and safety, when choosing from the company’s fleet, with Chania Car Hire you get prices affordable for all pockets and suitable for all needs. Company’s only goal has always been a satisfaction of customers and that policy paid back so many times. The company is praised by its excellent service, support and reasonable prices.

Chania Car Hire works with its customers from the moment of placing an inquiry, giving tips and suggestions on most economic and convenient car hire depending on your needs and requirements. We always recommend to our customers to hire a car for a week – or two weeks if that is the length of their stay – since it’s definitely cheaper and more convenient. Hires per day are always more expensive and sometimes, at the peak of the season, it’s not easy to get exactly the vehicle you want. Low season is always the customer’s best friend, both in terms of prices and choice, and if you really want to explore Crete on your own, with a cheap car hire, and have flexible free time, go for it. And one more suggestion – whenever you plan to come, when you check available options, always look for special offers. It could really be a bingo!

Chania Car Hire has many returning customers and awards their loyalty by giving them a discount every time they come back. That’s something to think about if you are coming back to Crete for the first time or if you are regular island’s visitor. A special deal for a cheap car hire is waiting for you.

With a large fleet, Chania Car Hire can afford to meet not only customer’s request for cheaper hire options but also to suggest adequate vehicles for particular needs. For example:

  • If you are looking for a fast car since you like cruising along the island’s roads, try Toyota Aygo. Yes, it’s one of the urban “babies” but you will be taken by its performance. And plus, it’s very fuel friendly.
  • If you want to explore some of the Cretan off-road beauties, go for Suzuki Jimny – it’s a small Jeep with a big heart.
  • If you have a group of five or more people, Chania Car Hire recommends its newer and more and more popular fellow – VW Caddy.
  • And if you are a company of two, our romantic suggestion is – VW Beetle Cabrio. Small but powerful, good looking and great driving.

Cheap Car Hire in Chania is a possible and realistic option for all visitors today. Check our prices here:

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